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Computers for kids - free/low cost computers

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zadiebugsmom   in reply to woman in a shoe
Thank u
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woman in a shoe   in reply to zadiebugsmom
OK I will look it up for u be back in a few
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zadiebugsmom   in reply to woman in a shoe
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zadiebugsmom   in reply to woman in a shoe
Sipsey, alabama walker county area
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zadiebugsmom   in reply to unemployed family
I hope everything has been improved for all of u.
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woman in a shoe   in reply to zadiebugsmom
What area of Alabama are u in I send me your city
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zadiebugsmom   in reply to forever
Prayers is all i can give to u. same situation. live in alabama area no help in this area!
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cris0915   in reply to LaBruja129
Def get in touch with Sean Lally, he's the teacher who runs the Computers for kids program, we received a computer from them last year! I grew up in Lansdowne, we now live in Dundalk though as its even too expensive to live in Lansdowne. I do know another AWESOME resource is CAN (Community Assistance Network) they help with food, bge and eviction issues! Good Luck and thx for the info on Comcast!!
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woman in a shoe   in reply to LaBruja129
I don't know how u go about it but I have heard people can get free computers I will try and fine out how and get back to u
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LaBruja129   in reply to cris0915
Hi Cris,I also live in Balto.County,MD(Ravens Rule).I know it's been over 11/2 yrs.since you posted but I was reading about how your problems are much like ours now in ref. too the vehicle & skyhigh insurance.We have 3 kids,2 in Lansdowne Sr.,1 in Jr.High.It is so difficult without a computer for the kids.I know Comcast has the $10 mo for internet but I will c/b to inquire about computers.I hope that your families lives have changed for the better during the time thats passed,if you have some contacts near us please tell me! Sincerely,Jenni
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LaBruja129   in reply to cocokissiez
I've heard the same here in Maryland,hoping it's true because since our home computer broke I'm so isolated from friends,food,Dr. etc. I'm sure you know how it goes.
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Hello, I been reading up on your site and I think its great how your helping the schools and YMCA's. I too I'm low income, my husband and I haven't been able to give our girls anew computer since it crashed. I we are in need of a computer back in our home. At least get the one we have fix. Our oldest daughter in the tenth and one is in the sixth the oother in the second. I will like to get help for well as myself cause I suffer with SLE Lupus. Its in portmanteau to stay up on new information. So keep goo.g with the great work.
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Good Day,
Hi my name is Suezette. I am a young 44 year old who has been looking for employment for almost a year now. Applying for employment has been extremely difficult not having a computer and internet access. I am a certified DA and have been employed as one for 22 years of my life. A few months ago I was evicted and had to start living from my daughters apt. to my sons apt. I am in desperate need of a laptop computer to obtain employment so I can get a house for me and my three dogs ASAP. I am going to have to give my two big dogs up if I don't start working real soon. I am crying thinking about having to do that to them, there both so spoiled. If I had a laptop to access the internet for employment EVERY DAY, send out my resume throughout each day and have access to my email for replies. I would be successful in obtaining employment soon. I get State assistance for food and have no money.
If any one can help me with a laptop or know of any where I can get donated laptop. Please let me know...I stay in Phoenix, Az.


Desperate, {I Love My Dogs}
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fatou boye   in reply to forever
so we need her to get a computer to do her school work
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cocokissiez   in reply to cris0915
have you tried the goodwill or the slavation army? sometimes they have donated computes, monitors, keyboards, ect there...and for very cheep. there's a service through social services near where i live that offers internet service thru comcast for low income families for just 10 dollars a month. and they also provide the computers for under 150.00 dollars..its just a one time price. they'll sedn some one out to hook it up and show you how to use it and everything. hope this helps some.
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cocokissiez   in reply to Dmccray
have u tried the computers for kids orgainization? the number is 855 846 8376..its a national number. hopefully they can help you.
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I am a hospice social worker, in West Virginia, who has a family with a 6th grader in the home. His mother is terminal, with cancer and his father has quit work to stay home to care for his wife. This 6th grader is getting behind in school; there is an "at home" program that can be utilized on a laptop. The problem is: the family can not afford a laptop for this student. Due to his care for his mother and his need to care for her, as well, there is an opportunity for him to catch up and keep up with his studies at home with this laptop. Is there any way you can help this 6th grader.
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goodnewsforyou   in reply to mom2nvb
@mom2nvb where are you?
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I am a single mother, I do not get any help of any kind from anyone. I am in need of a working computer in my home for my daughters high school classes and college classes that they take online. With having a working computer in my home, my children and I can do our classes, look for employment, and education. We desperately need a working computer! Please help...mom2nvb at y a h o o . c o m if you can help us
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Hi, My name is Debra M and I am the mother of 3children, 2 in high school, and 1 in middle school. I lost my job in April 2012 and I also lost my home due to the lost of my only income. My family now lives in a shelter for homeless families. My daughter in high school is in the honers program and needs a computer to do 2 of her classes, and my income of child support will not covere the cost of a laptop or desk top. Can you or anyone ples help my family in any way. Thank You and God Bless You All.
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